Done is better than perfect

Done is better than perfect

We tell our clients a website is not a final product. That your website is a journey not the destination. That we have to keep them up to date, that your website needs to evolve with time.

BUT our website is out of date, and we have been working on our new site for longer than I want to say out loud.

We have told ourselves that our clients come first (which of course they should) but what about our future client? So even though our site is at the bottom of the pile of client work we are doing something today that will push us to make time for our own site. That is we are going live with our new site even though it is not finished. There will be missing images, broken links, case studies not yet written.

Although we here strive for perfection – a quote I have no idea where it originated.

done is better than perfect.

– We would never do this on a client site, this is an experiment to see if this will light the rocket for something that there will always be less of a priority than the work we do for our clients.